Community Development Specialists, providing resolutions for young people, affected by racial/cultural/identity profiling 

TAG- Turn Around Game- Coming soon in 2023

Scared your background will stop you reaching your goals?
      Don't Be, We Got Ya!

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What is TAG?

An 8 week events hosting work experience opportunity where you get to organise & host the following-

  1. 2 Conferences
  2. Black History Month 2023 activities 
  3. An open Mic and alldayer event for 16-18 year olds.

We can give participants a work reference. There are many different elements to hosting an event so everybody has a role.

You might want to  -  

  1. Be a stage artist
  2. Be a background helper
  3. Be the flyer designer
  4. Be the promoter
  5. Be the stage facilitator 
  6. Be the DJ and do a set
  7. Be a dancer
  8. and more  


Commitment Required-

2hrs per week for 8 weeks then twice a month until November 2023


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