'Chelmsford Black History Month' 

We work with young people, all year round and they gain skills in relation to hosting events, they learn about risk assessments, stage performances and team work.

DALE FARM TRAVELLER - Recycling Project 

Dale farm is one of the UKs biggest traveller sites based in Basildon Essex.  Members of this community often face discrimination and are often reluctant to engage with wider providers. NGDA were commissioned to work with members of this community and identify a needs led project with positive outcomes.  

We recruited volunteers from both the wider community and on site.  Barriers to integration were broken and we worked together to clean up areas of the site that was being used as a dumping ground by others who were not residents on site.

Bollywood Bling

This project was held over the county where we commissioned a bhangra instructor to deliver exercise sessions using bhangra music and bhangra dance moves. 

Hate Crime Awareness Workshop 

 These workshops were developed to address the need of tackling/preventing racial bullying in Essex schools. We have had referrals from families and young people where the lack of policy intervention has resulted in victims being isolated or becoming perpetrators themselves. We offer advocacy and support families whilst working in partnership with the identified school/establishment to address race relation concerns.

Hate Crime Evaluations

Please click on the pictures below and see some of our workshop evaloutions